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We are a software house specializing in the design and development of digital products powered by Artificial Intelligence.

We live in a world that changes every day, several times a day. That is why we have learned to embrace change, seizing from each new thing the potential it hides within.

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Tech solutions for omnichannel interaction.

Through our specialized skills in technology, product design, branding and marketing, we create and implement tools for companies and organizations, ensuring a constant connection with their customers.

  • Artificial Intelligence & RPA
  • Design Thinking
  • Branding
  • Product Design
  • Development & IT Research
  • Marketing

Artificial Intelligence & RPA

We offer advanced solutions for business process automation and optimization. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we are committed to providing AI and RPA solutions tailored to improve the operational efficiency and productivity of companies.

Design Thinking

We actively question the market, test its responses from a Data-Driven perspective, validate and continuously monitor projects through strategic hypotheses, in-depth quantitative and qualitative research, for a Customer Experience that is always focused and optimized on the desired outcome.


We design brand identities with a solid strategic identity and seamlessly integrated into every channel, traditional and innovative. Through the use of the latest conversational tools, we bring "Relational Web Site" and bi-directional communication solutions to life.

Product Design

We create innovative digital solutions in tune with business objectives and specific user needs. We cover the entire product lifecycle, from detailed requirements definition, through agile development, to successful market launch.

Development & IT Research

We develop advanced software solutions such as apps, web apps, e-commerce, and VR/AR immersive spaces. Constant research and continuous updating of our experienced team enable us to propose and make the most of innovative and dynamic digital opportunities, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence and automation.


We offer innovative marketing strategies, targeted advertising campaigns, and detailed in-depth analysis to ensure maximum success for our clients. We create effective connections between brands and their target audiences through cutting-edge, customized marketing strategies.

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3 perfect archetypes for digital-native brands

What are the most commonly used archetypes when designing a digital native brand? Listen to the new episode with Xenia De Persio from the Branding & Communication Design division of Baasbox

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Infinite batteries, photonic computers, and massive black holes

The brand new episode of Space in a Box is a concentrated source of Tech-themed information: from infinite batteries to quantum photonic computers, all the way to one of the largest and oldest black holes ever discovered.

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Co-designing inclusivity

Is it possible to co-design inclusivity? How? We discussed this with Francesca Merz from Marelabo, a cooperative that focuses on social innovation and aims to develop strategies that combine market needs with ethical, political, and environmental concerns.

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3 perfect archetypes for digital-native brands
Infinite batteries, photonic computers, and massive black holes
Co-designing inclusivity

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Simplifying Cryptocurrency Taxation CryptoBooks has the daunting task of making cryptocurrency taxation simple. We had the honor of being called to co-design, analyze, optimize, and evolve their software, tackling complex data and calculations. Our commitment focused on implementing UX and research activities to ensure an optimal user experience. Iterative Co-Design and Continuous Research In collaboration […]

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The challenge A single symbol for an entire ecosystem. The company, which operates in multiple fields of Customer Experience, needed a symbol to fully represent it, encapsulating a complex ecosystem in a simple sign. Our intervention Multiple functions, infinite connections. Through the mark, we were able to recreate the multiplicity of connections established by the […]

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Secure and personalized digitization. In collaboration with Infocert’s product team, we engaged in a collaborative protocol aimed at supporting them in the analysis and design of ten landing pages. The goal was to optimize communication and implement new components to enrich the design system created by the Infocert team. Optimization through detailed data analysis and […]

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Fondazione Scuola
Beni Attività Culturali

Re-design of the platform for a simplified training experience. The client’s request was as simple as it was complex: migrate tens of thousands of users, courses, and pathways to a new technological structure with a new design and a simpler way of using content. Through close collaboration with the client and its users, we have […]

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Baasbox ON

Baasbox ON is our suite of digital solutions designed to transform the way companies engage with their customers. Smart Sales Assistant, Duir Omnichannel, VIR, Flambo Flow Builder and Smart Office Assistant, are designed to enhance and innovate communication strategies and business productivity by streamlining workflows and minimizing minor tasks in order to enhance time and resources.

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Word to our customers.

Successful collaborations

Stefano La Noce



Baasbox was our first supplier and to this day I still remember with pleasure their approach to our project. It may be out of gratitude or simply because of the friendship relationship that was created, that seeing their company grow more and more is something that makes us really happy.

Matteo Salini



Omnyacare is a startup focused on Healthcare and Healthtech in healthcare. We started working with Baasbox in April 2021 for the whole UX/UI part of the platform by collaborating with the PD team. I got along very well from the beginning, both on a business and human level.

Orlando Taddeo

Mexedia S.p.a. SB


Baasbox is the innovative tool we were looking for. Over these months, it has supported us in conceiving and designing new businesses, contributed to giving a fresh image to our companies, and the synergy created between their team and ours fills us with great confidence and enthusiasm as we look towards the future ahead.

Daniele Fumi

MyLab Nutrition Group


Simone Mariano has helped my company, MyLab Nutrition, both in identifying its positioning in the market and in completely refactoring its Web App. Baasbox is composed of highly skilled professionals who have supported us in all our needs promptly and professionally.

Alessandro Salvati

Subito – Adevinta


We worked with the Baasbox team on developing the wireframes and UI for both web and mobile versions of our product, Punterz. We are truly satisfied not only with the achieved outcome but also with the entire collaboration with the Baasbox team, which proved to be professional and capable of uncovering, through dedicated seminars, needs that we might not have been aware of ourselves.

Giordano Guerrieri

Soluzione Funding Srl


Thanks to Simone Mariano, CEO of Baasbox, and his team, we were able to quickly build a synergistic relationship with my company, achieving strategically significant results for our business and maintaining the standards promised during the shared project study phase.

Gianluca Massini Rosati

Soluzione Tasse SPA


Baasbox provides concrete and ongoing support for many of my companies in design and development. I rely on Baasbox because of its team’s ability to meet deadlines and maintain a high standard of quality. Their support is effective in both the strategic and implementation phases.

Marzio Carrano

Facile Park


Baasbox is a young, bright, vibrant and skill-rich company. Ingredients of success for those who drive it and for those who are driven by it. Thanks to Baasbox, our application has become a successful product. Thank you Baasbox!

Claudia Casanova



The Baasbox team supported us from the beginning in creating the Yome platform and then later the App. We relied on them because we immediately appreciated the professionalism, the consultative approach and, above all, the honesty of the team in guiding us towards the most suitable solutions for our needs. It is now a long-term collaboration and we are very satisfied with the path we have taken together.

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