Tech solutions for omnichannel interaction.

Regardless of the channel of interaction-whether it is an e-commerce, mobile app, virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) experience, or any other touch point-it is critical that customers perceive the brand as a single, consistent point of contact. With our deep expertise in technology, product design, branding, and marketing, we design and develop tailored solutions for companies and organizations.

Artificial Intelligence & Robot Process Automation

We transform the way we live and work by expanding new frontiers of innovation.

We create tailored solutions that improve efficiency and reduce time through Artificial Intelligence and Robot Process Automation. We offer tools that automate and adapt, elevating business performance. This strategy makes companies more agile and ready for market challenges.

  • Technologies used

    We integrate advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning to optimize processes, using LLM to minimize the need for human intervention and transform data into strategic decisions, promoting innovation.

  • Process Efficiency

    We offer customized solutions, working closely with clients to meet their needs and optimize their business processes. Among our services we offer, process automation (RPA), recommendation systems, and forecasting tools.

  • Training Data

    For us, data quality is essential to make AI truly effective. We collaborate with customers to optimize datasets for their needs, ensuring high performance and reliable results. We ensure data accessibility for immediate applications and future analysis, aiming to strengthen the analytical and predictive capabilities of AI and promote innovation and customer success.

  • The Workshop

    At Baasbox, we believe that artificial intelligence should serve to enhance, rather than replace, human expertise. We are committed to putting ethics, sustainability and transparency at the heart of our initiatives. Our goal is to make AI more accessible to everyone by providing tools that are both powerful and intuitive. We create an environment that encourages cultural exchange and promotes continuous learning, ensuring that each individual develops the skills necessary to excel and make a meaningful contribution to our shared success.

Branding & Communication Design

We communicate the value of each Brand, on every channel.

We create unique and distinctive identities with our advanced branding, communication and web development services. We design and develop innovative websites, incorporating the standard design and development approach with advanced technological solutions that enhance the user experience.

  • Branding Strategy

    Branding Strategy guides companies through a structured three-step process: understanding the business and competitors, defining brand positioning and tone of voice, and implementing tangible elements for effective communication.

  • Brand Design

    Through a methodical and structured branding process, based on a sound Branding Strategy, we align brand design with client expectations, ensuring that each element reflects vision and goals.

  • Visual Design

    We offer versatile solutions covering both the online and offline worlds. Each service is designed to be fully customizable and integrable, adapting perfectly to each client's specific needs

  • Website Design

    We create websites that embody the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Integrating cutting-edge usability principles, we strive to develop sites that are fast, intuitive, and easy to navigate, leveraging effective and sustainable technologies.

  • Avatar Design

    We create sophisticated avatars designed to intensify the interaction between companies and their customers, driving targeted actions that amplify engagement. These avatars represent not only the cutting edge of our technologies but are also extremely versatile, adapting to a variety of contexts of use.

Product Design & Fast Prototype

We design digital products integrated across channels.

We follow the principles of Human Centered Design to design, with an empathetic and holistic approach, digital products tailored to achieve clear business goals. From mobile apps, to web apps, via PWAs, e-commerce, portals, voice and conversational interfaces.

  • Product Planning

    We cooperate in the strategic and defining activities of the entire digital product, supporting our stakeholders in decisions so that a sustainable product adhering to market needs is designed and published.

  • Customer Research

    Through active engagement of people and in-depth analysis of statistical and market data, we take a data-driven approach to guide decisions and product design. We implement co-design practices to minimize costs, refine processes and maximize profits.

  • Fast Prototyping

    We design high-impact digital products, accompanying our stakeholders at every stage of the process, from ideation to prototyping. We are committed to creating intuitive interfaces that deliver exceptional user experiences on applications, web apps, portals, and e-commerce, paying particular attention to accessibility and performance.

  • Usability Testing

    Before advancing to the next stages of the project, we ensure that design decisions are not only appropriate but also clearly understood by future users of the product. By actively involving users in the process, we aim to reduce entrepreneurial risks and maximize the effectiveness of UX investments by basing our strategies on solid data and concrete feedback.

  • Design System & UI Kit

    We take a systemic and "atomic" approach to building complex, yet scalable and sustainable systems. This method allows us to develop uniform omnichannel experiences, minimize development costs, and facilitate agile interaction for any product evolution, ensuring an efficient continuous improvement process.

  • Supporting Product Evolutions

    We provide ongoing support to our stakeholders and their design and development teams, offering assistance for both one-off interventions and larger projects. Our help ranges from research and design, through the creation of design systems, to pre-production testing phases for development stakeholders, ensuring comprehensive and personalized accompaniment at every stage of the process.

Development & IT Research

We value the most innovative digital opportunities.

We develop software solutions such as apps, web apps, e-commerce, VR/AR spaces, and voice assistants with high quality standards within budget and timeframe, to translate strategic goals into a stable, efficient, and scalable digital product that is connected in an integrated way to business strategy.

The team’s continuous research and updating enable us to propose and make the most of innovative digital opportunities, such as AI and Blockchain.

  • Mobile App

    We make digital products that conform to iOS and Android platform paradigms, so that the potential of the devices is always exploited to the fullest.

  • Blockchain Development

    We develop solutions for Blockchain, based on secure and verifiable smart contracts, making all necessary integrations into pre-existing systems or within fully decentralized Blockchain applications.

  • Webapp

    We design responsive and progressive web apps, systematically applying best practices, with the most suitable tools and the most up-to-date web technologies.

  • AR/VR Spaces

    We specialize in creating AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) spaces. This allows us to offer immersive and interactive experiences that expand the possibilities of interaction with digital content, making it more engaging and memorable.


An omnichannel communication between Brand and customers acquired and prospects.

We take a holistic approach to building innovative and tailored strategies that can grow brands, improve visibility, and build meaningful relationships with audiences. Through in-depth market analysis and the use of effective communication channels, such as social media and podcasts, we aim to turn every challenge into an opportunity.

  • Marketing Strategy

    We offer a tailored approach to developing innovative marketing strategies aimed at increasing visibility and performance. Through in-depth market and target audience analysis, we craft customized plans for your business.

  • Social Media Management

    We manage the social media presence, taking care of the editorial plan and developing targeted social strategies. Our goal is to optimize the brand's engagement and visibility, ensuring consistency and quality in every post.

  • Marketing Campaigns

    We design and manage paid marketing campaigns on social media and Google, handling the strategy, tool setup, and performance monitoring. Our aim is to maximize ROI by reaching the right audience with effective messages.

  • Newsletter and Email Marketing

    We create engaging and personalized newsletter and email marketing campaigns aimed at customer loyalty and promotion of products or services. We use advanced tools for audience segmentation and behavior analysis to optimize conversions.

  • Strategy and Support for Podcast Creation

    We offer comprehensive support in podcast creation, from initial strategy to production and promotion. We help define the ideal format, target audience, and most effective distribution channels, enhancing the brand through high-quality audio content.

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