We have only one certainty: uncertainty.

We are a comprehensive partner who can accompany our clients through every stage of planning: from strategy to design, development to launch, and product evolution in the market.

We are the most comprehensive company in the field of digital design.

  • Let's start with the people

    There is only one possible innovation: one that meets people's needs. That is why our design method is based on Human Centered Design.

  • We listen to the market

    We know that even the most fascinating intuition must be validated in a concrete and reliable way, which is why we check Product Market Fit right from the design stage.

  • We are ready to change our ways

    If the path evolves, we evolve with it: we adopt the Lean Approach, based on continuous verification cycles, to adapt the project to real needs and make it scale accurately and cost-effectively.

  • We study the route

    We focus our projects on the most receptive market niche, the Minimum Viable Segment, to organize growth in an agile and efficient way.

  • We travel light

    We leave the bulkier ballast at home to focus on what really matters: we start each project from the Minimum Viable Product to minimize cost and risk.

  • We cross boundaries

    We cross digital boundaries to take you to places never before explored, thanks to our innovative design.



from Rome to San Francisco

Baasbox was founded in 2012. The following year, thanks to the entry among its backers of LVenture S.p.a., the seventh European Venture Capitalist fund, it entered the Luiss Enlabs acceleration program. In 2014 it was the first Italian startup to be selected by Y-Combinator for Final Selection in Mountain View, San Francisco.



the growth

From 2014 to 2018, Baasbox consolidated its technical structure, thanks to the creation of two new advanced divisions, Business Development and User Experience Design, allowing it to become the most complete Italian operator in the Digital Innovation sector.


2019 - 2020:

the transformation

Two years of major transformations involve Baasbox and its team, which achieved its Exit goal with the acquisition by the holding company Liquid Business Group. Federico Pacilli, founder of Baasbox, passes the baton to longtime collaborator Simone Mariano, who takes the reins of the company and becomes its CEO. The new experiences enrich Baasbox even more, pushing it to look even further ahead.



the change

2021 is the year of a new change of scenery for Baasbox, which becomes independent from the LBG holding company and strengthens its Product Design, Branding & Communication, and Development & Strategy Divisions. Still under the leadership of Simone Mariano, Baasbox expands its team and chooses a new partner, Heritage Ventures, with whom to share extraordinary projects and ambitious goals.



entry into the Mexedia Group

In 2022, Baasbox will tie up with Mexedia S.p.a. SB, a reality active in the world of technology, operating in the field of telecommunications and business services, for which it becomes a Diamond Developer Partner. A communion of vision and intent that materializes in 2023 with Mexedia's acquisition of Baasbox, now the Group's Software House.


Excellence, experience and commitment to successful strategic partnerships.

Commitment to the highest quality production standards, broad expertise and a sincere commitment to helping our customers have secured us strategic partnerships with market-leading companies in multiple industries and regions.


Our team is a diverse team of experts, specialists in their own fields but each able to speak the language of the other: because innovation is part of everyday exploration.

Together we became great.

Simone Mariano Simone Mariano

Simone Mariano


Federico Pacilli Federico Pacilli

Federico Pacilli

Business Advisor & Co-Founder

Claudio Tesoriero Claudio Tesoriero

Claudio Tesoriero

Tech and Cyber Security Advisor

Alessio Cardelli Alessio Cardelli

Alessio Cardelli


Aurelia Vittoria Branconi Aurelia Vittoria Branconi

Aurelia Vittoria Branconi

Head of Visual Design

Matteo Errera Matteo Errera

Matteo Errera


Laura Melania Rocchi Laura Melania Rocchi

Laura Melania Rocchi


Arianna Paola Mottola Arianna Paola Mottola

Arianna Paola Mottola

Administration Officer

Tsuneo Kurihara Tsuneo Kurihara

Tsuneo Kurihara

Lead Developer

Stefano Pepi Stefano Pepi

Stefano Pepi

Software Engineer

Giulia Losito Giulia Losito

Giulia Losito

Front end Developer

Alessandro Gaggio Alessandro Gaggio

Alessandro Gaggio

Visual & UI Designer

Simona Muscogiuri Simona Muscogiuri

Simona Muscogiuri

UX/UI Designer

Xenia De Persio Xenia De Persio

Xenia De Persio

Visual & UI Designer

Giuditta Gottuso Giuditta Gottuso

Giuditta Gottuso

SSA & VIR Lead Trainer

Paolo Romito Paolo Romito

Paolo Romito

Project Manager

Cosmin Zaharia Cosmin Zaharia

Cosmin Zaharia


Roberto Zaccardi Roberto Zaccardi

Roberto Zaccardi

Front end Developer

Giovanna Busbani Giovanna Busbani

Giovanna Busbani

Social Media Manager

Cristina Mancinelli Cristina Mancinelli

Cristina Mancinelli

Marketing Specialist

Orlando Taddeo Orlando Taddeo

Orlando Taddeo

Financial Advisor

Jonathan De Sciscio Jonathan De Sciscio

Jonathan De Sciscio


Mauro Vitale Mauro Vitale

Mauro Vitale


Mattia Del Franco Mattia Del Franco

Mattia Del Franco


Vincenzo Masciullo Vincenzo Masciullo

Vincenzo Masciullo


Simone Scardapane Simone Scardapane

Simone Scardapane


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