The ultimate software that simplifies the tax management of crypto capital gains: a challenge aimed at making complex data and activities easy to use and understand.




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Product Design

Simplifying Cryptocurrency Taxation

CryptoBooks has the daunting task of making cryptocurrency taxation simple. We had the honor of being called to co-design, analyze, optimize, and evolve their software, tackling complex data and calculations. Our commitment focused on implementing UX and research activities to ensure an optimal user experience.


Iterative Co-Design and Continuous Research

In collaboration with the CryptoBooks team, we defined a protocol to support them in design and research. Using iterative cycles and sprint objectives, we conducted design activities and continuous research. This led to improvements in conversion rates, a reduction in support requests, and new business opportunities.

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Revolutionizing Crypto Taxation: Guaranteed Success

Through a strategic and tactical approach in design, along with continuous research, we simplified the complexity of cryptocurrency taxation. This resulted in optimized conversion rates, reduced support requests, and the identification of new business opportunities, including B2C consulting.


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