I Taddeo

I Taddeo is an Italian brand that promotes certified high-quality Umbrian products, both its own and those from local producers, which can be purchased through its proprietary e-commerce platform or in the company's restaurants.


I Taddeo




Brand Identity
I Taddeo

The client's request

Love of tradition, between past and future.

Tradition and family, sustainability, and respect for the territory with its production realities are the values behind this digital platform. We were asked to convey a sense of belonging in its multiple meanings and developments. .

I Taddeo

Our intervention

The family as a nucleus, promoter of quality.

To express the transparency of the company, the family itself, origin, and future to be protected, we designed a clear, simple, and explanatory brand resembling a coat of arms, elaborated in a modern key, with the components within it.

I Taddeo


itaddeo itaddeo

Color Palette

For I Taddeo, we chose a palette that blends tech and warmer colors, capable of conveying the company's values. Dark blue and violet, synonymous with professionalism and excellence respectively, combined with green and brown, colors of the Umbrian land.

itaddeo itaddeo

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