TV Loft

A universe of streaming content signed by the authors of Il Fatto Quotidiano, accessible through a variety of touchpoints: web platform, app and smart TV.


TV Loft




Product Design
TV Loft

Not one, but multiple challenges: a multichannel design pathway.

We were tasked with redesigning, optimizing, and evolving the streaming platform across all its touchpoints, seeking to create a unified language to consistently communicate with users.

TV Loft

Optimizing all touchpoints for a consistent experience.

We conducted a structured design conceived to fit a wide range of touchpoints, from the responsive platform to the native Android and iOS app to the smart TV version.

Through collaboration with the client's development team, we examined and analyzed the various touchpoints and devised solutions that can adapt to different communication channels, ensuring a smooth user experience on different devices without compromising its basic structure.

tvloft tvloft

The result? A consistent digital product customized for each touchpoint.

The result is a digital product interconnected across various touchpoints, with a distinctive visual and experiential coherence. It provides users with optimized and new features to discover, ensuring a personalized experience and the ability to download and view content at any desired time and place.

TV Loft

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