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Starting 2021


Product Design, Data Analysis

Secure and personalized digitization.

In collaboration with Infocert's product team, we engaged in a collaborative protocol aimed at supporting them in the analysis and design of ten landing pages. The goal was to optimize communication and implement new components to enrich the design system created by the Infocert team.


Optimization through detailed data analysis and team synergy.

Through an analysis of the data collected, conducted in close collaboration with the Infocert team, we identified opportunities for landing page growth.
By analyzing the color fields and examining the data provided by Infocert, we were able to identify critical points in the flows and user experience that required our intervention.

infocert infocert

Strengthen Infocert's digital footprint through focused and customized improvements.

With an understanding of Infocert's needs and goals, we worked to implement a number of improvements, including integrating new design elements, optimizing the navigation flow, and updating the content to ensure a clear and engaging message.


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