Corporate Credit

Corporate Credit is a new platform that allows companies to find the capital they need for their business through a service that includes documentation processing, calculation of balance sheet ratios, preparation of the business plan, and submission of the file to a range of credit partners in line with the client's business profile.


Corporate Credit




Brand Identity
Corporate Credit

The client's request

The key to achieving BIG GOALS.

The analysis performed has positioned Corporate Credit as the solution. The archetypal profile fully reflects the intentions of the platform, which becomes the key turning point for enterprises that want to grow their business.

Corporate Credit

Our intervention

The customer at the center of its opportunities.

The brand mark is based on the concept of simplicity and immediacy. The semicircle represents the letter “C” of Corporate Credit but also circularity, understood as agreement and opportunity. The small circle that splits the big circle represents the customer at the center: Corporate Credit indeed helps you achieve your goals.

Corporate Credit


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Color Palette

The color palette consists of two colors: a primary and a secondary color. The dark colors (black and gray) and white allow the brand colors, with their variations and facets, to excel and emerge strongly..

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